New Band Name!!!

Thanks for stopping by! BIG NEWS!!! We are moving forward as "Big Sky Quartet". This will be a big and slow process, we ask you to please keep checking in for updates as we get all our web and media platforms updated. Here is the statement we made publicly to announce the change:

Good morning friends, fans, and family. We have very big news to share with you all this morning.... 

It has been a two year process, but we have finally landed on a new band name and will now be moving forward as Big Sky Quartet. Here is why: 

One: we have deeply outgrown the name ISJ. I created it 15 years ago and while I will always feel a deep connection to it, the band has changed in so many ways and forms that it only feels appropriate to grow into a new name. 

Two: Even bigger: it has been brought to our attention several times over the years that the use of the word "Indian" is offensive. We want to be absolutely 100% respectful and honoring of all walks of life, all peoples, all histories, and all the needs of our communities. Our music is meant to uplift and inspire and we want our name to align with our message, our purpose, and our dreams. We apologize deeply to anyone we may have offended over the many years that we have performed under this name. 

Please walk with us as we make this transition and look for the name Big Sky to find our music and performances. In the meantime I am asking venues to advertise with "Big Sky Quartet (Formerly ISJ)" for the next year. 

Thank you all for your love, your support.