1. Lovestruck


My soul wants to run and hide, a soul that could seek and find
Time is a beautiful dream, a beautiful dream and I
love every minute of a sunset
love the passing of a sunrise
time is a beautiful dream, a beautiful dream, but I
Can't stop the hurry, can't stop the worry
Can't stop this weary world from wearing
itself down
And don't look behind you, 'cause love ain't gonna find you
Chasing all your jealousy in this brick and mortar town

The sun did burn
were your lessons learned?
Were you love struck by the magic?
It's a mystery, it was meant to be
I am open, always listening

On the river I'm drifting, on the river I listen
Down in the canyon I am ageless as the rock
And don't look behind you
the water will remind you
to fear not the gravity when you follow where it leads to