1. Polaroid


I always took the long way down
Took the wrong way out
And you left me the only soul to sort it out
in this crazy town
Blue jeans and polaroid pictures
all the scenery counts
I retrace my steps to my sister's house
where the innocence is found

And it's taken
Taken me back
My heart
My heart did crack...
And it bleeds to blue to red to green
the color's, the color is not black

Took my turn laughing out loud
It's your turn now
Took my turn getting lost in the crowd
It's your turn now
Blue jeans and polaroid pictures
Painting every town
I retrace my steps to the forest now
As the sun goes down

I would dwell on every step
On every mistake
It's you who taught me how to forgive
And how to be brave
I retrace my words to their meaning nwo
Everything is at stake
Definitions carry all of their weight
Don't let me escape....